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We will attend to and ship with the same care and attention to all our customers’ orders. Always include NUMBER (ITEM CODE) and product description with your order. This will help guarantee that you receive exactly what you require. You can depend on the assistance of our knowledgeable sales staff, who are always happy to provide any technical information. We pledge to offer our customers the highest quality, unique product.

* For your convenience, you may place your order in the following four methods; online web site (http://www.wroughtironconcept.com) , e-mail (info@wroughtironconcept.com),
Telephone 1 718 415 23 25 or Fax 1 718 567 70 12

* We hope you enjoy our product and welcome any comment or suggestions.

* By placing an order customers accept and agree to (Wrought Iron Art Collection) terms an conditions.

* Prices are subject to change without advance notice; may occur from time-to-time as raw material costs vary

* Import and export logistic transportation professional and unprofessional labor costs.


All returns must be authorized by us and are for replacement only. Costs due to damage from shipping and handling are assumed by us. Buyer pays price difference when exchanging lower priced item for higher priced item. Difference is refunded when exchanging a higher priced item for a lower priced item, as per our approval. Please notify us promptly of any error in filling your order so that we can correct the error to your satisfaction.


We will process your order as quickly and accurately as possible. Our goal is to provide you fast delivery. Special orders: We are not responsible for the measurement of forge orders, or any malfunctioning of our items as a result of measurements based on customer provided lay outs and dimensions. Please expect orders and custom fabrication during Christmas and New Year season to take longer than usual. All Special Order items must be prepaid before we will place the order with our supplier. Special Orders are not subject to cancellation or deferral with out our written consent. Buyers must pay all labor and material cost for items remaining on hold longer than 30 days. We cannot accept returns on Special Orders, Books, CD’s, CAD Drawings, wrought iron custom made products, or used items unless that item is defective or was sent in error.


Products are shipped F.O.B. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the listed price of products and items, and are the buyer’s responsibility. You may request shipping charges when placing order by contacting customer service. Our shipping consultant will and calculate for you shipping and handling charges, and provide you with a complete price quotes for your order. Buyer should thoroughly inspect all items for shipping damage before accepting delivery. All our products are inspected and tested with the greatest care before shipment for customer satisfaction.


All orders must have appropriate sales TAX added and charged. The buyer is responsible to pay all applicable sales taxes on orders shipped to any state or other country unless you providing a valid sales tax exemption certificate.


You may fax your completed order form to ( 1 718 567 70 12 ) or order directly from our full online catalog on the World Wide Web at http://www.wroughtironconcept.com.


Including “sold to” and “ship to” address area, telephone numbers (day and evening), e-mail address, form of payment, item codes, size and brand. If you prefer “no back-orders”, please state this at the time of your order. Check boxes as to whether you are an architect, designer, homeowner or contractor.

TELL A FRIEND TEL: 1 718 415 23 25
All images and content property of Wrought Iron Concept, unless noted otherwise. No part of this web site and all images may be reproduced without permission. All questions and comments should be directed to Wrought Iron Concept.

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